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Welcome, and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Margaret Debrah and I am the founder of Maggies_Spot and Songhai. I created Maggies_Spot to share my passion for cooking with the world.

My love for cooking began when I was a little girl; I loved to watch my mum cook and eat the wonderful meals she made. In secondary school, I decided to give up my modeling aspirations and pursue a career as a Chef. I worked as a Chef’s assistant for a few years and then again, I decided to change my career aspirations and pursue Accounting. I went on to study Accounting and Finance at university, which opened the door for me to work as a Finance Consultant within the Financial Services Industry. Fast forward to 2015 when, after securing my first property, I began hosting dinner parties for my friends. This re-ignited my passion for cooking and, I guess, was the start of @maggies_spot.


Maggies_Spot is designed to inspire you in the kitchen, no dish is too complex for you to cook with Maggies_Spot.



Start your journey with me today by grabbing a copy of my first Cookbook.


Quality Food With Roots.

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