About Us

About Us

Songhai Foods is a company that produces high-quality food products for international & local markets, from natural African ingredients grown by local experienced farmers in Ghana.

Our Story

Back in 2015, our founder, Margaret Debrah took a trip to Ghana which made her realise Africa does not need charity, it needs opportunities. She then visited Ghana frequently from this point on, but a trip in early 2020 to Tamale, Northern Ghana to visit farmers solidified her purpose to build a food business that would support the local economy as well as provide the world with the high nutritional foods which grow in abundance in Africa.

Our Values

Quality- At Songhai, we believe in nourishing the soul and to do this we must eat the best. We source Africa’s finest foods that we know you will enjoy.

Integrity- Supporting African farmers to uphold Songhai honest and strong moral principles. Whilst striving to always do the right thing throughout our operations.

Innovation- Sourcing and adding value to traditional African foods whilst making it convenient, healthy and authentic.

Community- Songhai will commit a % of our profits to invest in the local community where we trade. We will drive the change we want to see.

Our Journey

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The Problem


Accessibility, in the UK high-quality African food is not as accessible to consumers, compared to other world food items.

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The Solution

Songhai Foods

A connection between African farmers’ high-quality food crops; and the demanding global consumer market.

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The Products


We will start with 2 main products

Yam Fries

Boiled Yam

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Online Store


A HIGH-QUALITY NATURAL AFRICAN FOOD PRODUCER. “Quality food with roots, grown and processed in the motherland.” Online store coming soon.